Is the USA Rome?

In The Coming Storm message, I shared that the US and the Western world today is the continuation of the Roman empire.  I shared that Daniel had interpreted the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar that foretold of what would happen when God’s Kingdom smashed this kingdom.  Today’s post is mostly to add a fascinating piece of trivia to that revelation.  But first, if you haven’t read that post and particularly if you’re not that familiar with this story from scripture, I highly recommend that you read this post entitled A Spiritual Perspective on the Storm.  Also, if you haven’t yet watched the full presentation of The Coming Storm, you should sign up to receive it by email to the right of this post.

This post will be short because we’re mostly sharing a small detail that brings more historical clarity to the subject.  First, let’s catch up a little on the dream.  King Nebuchadnezzar saw a statue that had a gold head, a silver torso, a bronze mid-section, & iron legs with some clay built in at the feet.  (Again, I recommend you hit the link above and read the full dream with complete explanation.)

Daniel explained that a Kingdom would come from The Rock that would destroy all other kingdoms represented by the statue.  The last kingdom represented was that of Rome.  We shared in the above mentioned post that the US was the extension of Rome.  That the US was simply a continuation of this empire.  There is certainly much mixture, but it continues on in many ways.

You can certainly argue that Europe represents Rome more than the US does.  However, it is both together that represent modern Rome.  Europe is a large part of the body, but the head of the beast is the US.  And the capital of the US is Washington DC.  This is the epicenter of Rome in the world today.

Now to the interesting discovery I came across a couple weeks ago….

Did you know that Washington DC is built on the site of the former city of Rome, Maryland?  Here’s a blurb from the Wikipedia entry on this subject.

Specifically, Rome was the original community name of Capitol Hill, upon which the United States Capitol Building sits.

In 1663, the property that would become the Capitol’s site was inscribed in the Maryland property records as “Rome,” its owner a man named Francis Pope. The southern boundary of this property was shaped by a river named for the river that runs through Rome, Italy, the Tiber.

It’s pretty interesting to read the entire (short) entry.

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