What does Jesus teach about living our Calling & Stewardship?

Focus at Kingdom Calling is on Calling and Stewardship.  We guide, teach, nudge, push and cheerlead you into being the fullest expression of who God created you to be, living the life He calls you to, and managing everything He’s given you to the fulfillment of Heaven on Earth in your life.

Praying about what to share in this blog, we believe the Lord is leading us to create the ultimate bible study on Calling and Stewardship.  The only problem is that that job is far bigger than just us.  Which is where you come in.  We need your help.

We’ve been studying these things for some time and as we read the scriptures, Holy Spirit again and again reveals truths involving these subjects.  We fully expect that He will reveal more of these over the coming year.


God did not make this world so that He could give one person a bunch of wisdom and then watch that person stand on the mountaintop and shout down wisdom at the masses…and we wouldn’t want that job anyway.

Christ left things such that the Holy Spirit could be revealed in each of our lives and that through Him we could be transformed.  A rich, powerful life is expected of us.  He guides, He leads, He reveals – if we only seek Him and trust Him in this.

If you will join us in this mission, God will reveal wisdom to you.  He will give more direction, focus and  success to your life, and He will use you to change the lives of others here and in your daily life outside of this blog.  Think of this forum as a  free life-change resource available to anyone in the world who wants it.

Whoa now!  We’re making some big claims aren’t we?  Yes, but the thing is, we don’t have the power to do any of this.  But God does, and here’s how He’ll do it:  Jesus didn’t just leave because He wanted out of this place.  Aside from the whole “paying for the sins of all humanity thing,’ He said it was better for us if He left.  One reason is He created a new Body for Himself.  And we are that Body.  Not me.  Not you.  WE!  All of us that love Jesus.  The Spirit of God has come into us and, united,  we are all the living Body of Christ on earth.

By myself, I can understand very little of everything there is to know about Stewardship and Calling.  By yourself, you can’t either.  But if we all come together and ask God to reveal a piece of it to us, He can and will share it all.    It’s all here for the taking, if we will just come together, seek Him, and give of ourselves.

If you’re willing to take part in this, you’ll be changed.  What you do will change the lives of others.  And you will actually be a part of increasing the Glory of God on this earth.

Are you in?

Once we get started -which will be within a couple weeks – we’ll cover a  new section of the New Testament every day or so(usually a chapter-unless it seems like it needs to be broken down).  Some chapters will contain more than others on these topics, but we’ll start in Matthew 1 and work our way through.  It should take about a year.  We’ll post our thoughts with the prayer that they bless and enrich your life and understanding, and we hope you’ll comment your additions to these ideas.  We all have different experiences and understandings that will add to the beauty of what He creates.  And we can’t wait to see what that is.

If you can think of anyone else who can help with this vision, we need them!  Please pass this along.  And may God bless you on this journey.

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