How to Usher The Word into Your Life

We spoke last week about the vision to create – with your help –  the most complete study on Calling and Stewardship that exists, and to have that here, free and available to anyone in the world.  Every couple of posts or so,  I’ll pick a passage, discuss it, and ask for feedback, input and perspective.  Through our myriad experience and perspective, we’ll all gain a fuller knowledge and experience of the Word and it’s role in human life.

But before we dive into that, we should say a few words on how to study the Bible.  Hopefully many will read and contribute who are well versed at spending time in the scriptures and receiving fresh revelation from God.  If that’s you, welcome, we’re glad you’re here and hope you keep coming back.  If that’s not you,  you are most welcome, too.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before you, too, are contributing.

Granted, The Word can be an intimidating thing if you’re not used to spending time in it.  Actually, the Word can be an intimidating thing even if you have grown to love spending time in it.  (The devil, he is a crafty one.)

Here’s what helps me:

Find a quiet place to be along with God and His Word.  This is easier for some then others.  We see from scripture that Jesus made a habit of waking up before others so that He could have quiet time alone with His Father.  I have found that this is the best way to start my days, and I really recommend it.  This discipline was not easy for me at first, but I had to shake off those lazy days when I would snooze the alarm and rededicate myself.  The more I made it a habit, the more easy it has become to rise early.  As I have begun to experience the presence of the Lord in these times, it has become easier and easier to rise early to meet Him here.  Of course, every person is different, and everyone’s life is different, so do the best you can to find a quiet place without interruption to focus on the wisdom and events the Word describes as well as the insight and revelation that Holy Spirit speaks directly to you.

We’ll discuss this further in coming posts…so tell someone you care about to tune in.

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