You Get What You Give: Mission Trip Excerpt

In 2006 I signed up for 2 mission trips, back to back.  It was something that had been on my heart for a couple years, but still I was too selfish to give away a week of my like.  In early 2007 my walk started to become primary to me and I decided to jump in with both feet and sign up for these two trips.  I will be blogging excerpts from the letters that I wrote the friends who supported these trips in the coming days and weeks.  These are the stories of how I experienced the awesome presence of God.  It’s my hope, whatever the reason you find yourself reading this blog, that you might be inspired to action, or at the least, moved to thought. 

(August 2007 – Austin, TX):  Wow, what an incredible trip.  First, I would like to thank you all for supporting me in this with your prayers.  I never really understood the power of prayer until this trip, and I am very grateful to have you supporting me.  Next, let me say that I can not explain how incredible this experience was in words.  I witnessed hundreds of miracles, and I can not even remember most of them.  I wish everyone I know who is not a Christian would have been there, as there is no way they could deny His majesty after seeing His miraculous ways.  You just couldn’t see what I saw and doubt him.  I will try to give you a glimpse into what transpired over the last week.  I should also state that before this week, I had felt the presence of God with me, I had impressions from Him, and noticed unmistakable coincidences that I knew were of Him, but never heard Him speak to me like I did this week.

What I learned on this mission, is that we get back from God to the extent that we seek Him and His will for our life.  Prior to this trip, I spent years moving away from God and had no realization of His omnipresence.  Early in my faith, I believed that Jesus was the Son of God, but really only sought Him when it was convenient – and that wasn’t very often.  Therefore, I grew slowly.  Six months prior to this trip I really started to dedicate myself to better knowing God and giving my life to Him.  I became hungry and expectant and spent most all of my free time trying to learn more about Him.  I was really growing at this point and was perfectly ready for Him to radically show up and transform my life.

On this trip, I was surrounded by people who were willing to set aside all preconceived notions and give their lives to Christ for a week.  We had an amazing man of God, David Schiff, to guide us as he was lead by Holy Spirit, and this unity in Christ allowed God to impact us powerfully.  Because I gave my life totally to Him this week, He had permission to show up in unbelievably powerful ways that changed my life forever.  The same principle is true of the process that Kingdom Calling takes people through.  We aim to help you transform your life as a steward – spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and financially.  The more you dedicate yourself to this process, the more room He has to come in and totally transform your life.  We simply facilitate that process.

Much more to coming in the days to come…so tell someone special to tune in!

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