Your Fruitful Tree Process: What is it?

Your Fruitful Tree is a process designed to educate & equip you and your family to bring to fruit the true purpose & dreams of your family while protecting you from the treacherous headwinds & hurricanes of life.

Towards this end, we use a five step process to help you determine the right steps to take for your family to move confidently from education to action.  These steps are…

1)      Purpose

2)      Place

3)      Prepare & Protect

4)      Plan

5)      Products

You’ll notice that products are at the end of the process.  Many financial services professionals have a product or two that they look to cram down the throat of as many people as they can.  The Your Fruitful Tree process is different in that it is focused on you first and foremost as you’ll see below…


What do you want to accomplish?  What’s the purpose for your family?  For your financial wealth?  What’s important to you?

Each person/family is different.  We have to know what drives you before anything else can make sense.  Not only won’t you be satisfied, but you’ll never be excited about your financial stewardship if it’s not centered on God’s purpose in your life.  For some, this means carefully crafting financial tools towards a direction the Lord is leading in.  For most, it simply means incorporating a fundamental economic understanding with the best tools available to bring about stable and successful financial growth so that you are free to be the person He leads you to be without worrying no matter what the future has in store (both economically and personally).

As said above, each person is different and has their own dreams, goals, objectives, & needs.  So it would be impossible to list them all.  However, the following is a list of goals that many people seem to share…

1)      Ensuring enough income to last their entire lifetimes

2)      Providing for any potential Long Term Care/Early or Late Death/Disability/Liability need

3)      Leaving the Best possible Legacy for their kids/grandkids/charity (Biggest or Optimally Delivered)

4)      Earning a higher return/yield on their money

5)      Reducing risk in their portfolio

6)      Reducing taxes

7)      Protection from Rising Interest Rates/Inflation

This is obviously a partial list, but these are things we’ve heard people say recently as real life concerns each one faces.  We’ll get further into the 5 Step Process (the Five P’s) in future posts.

We’ll also finally finish the Economic Forecasts series that has been running most of this year in the coming weeks.  If you’re new to the blog, you should read the initial thoughts on these forecasts here. and the Overall Prediction Page here.  Here are the rest of the posts:  3) Ben Bernanke’s Dollar Devaluation Plan, 4) The Coming US Dollar Devaluation, 5) Stock Market Volatility, & 6) Stocks to Fall in 2012, 7) The European Crises, & 8) European Options, 9) European Prediction, 10) Recession in Japan, 11) Japanese Yen Crash,12) War with Iran, 13) Jewish Perspective on Iran, 14) Commodities to End 2012 Lower, 15) Where Will Gold Go Next?, 16) Gold, Should you Wait?, 17) Will Silver Move Higher?, & 18) Why Buy Silver Now?, 19) Oil Prices to Explode Higher, 20) Bonds Will Fall, 21) US Dollar, 22) European Recession, 23) Sovereign Default in Europe, 24) China’s Slowing, 25) US Recession., 26) Currency War, 27) Deflationary Crash, & 28) Hyperinflation.

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