The Inner Work: Part 1

We continue our discussion of us being made in God’s image and likeness. It’s amazing that God can tell us what He’s going to do around the world and then we can watch and see it happen.  It’s incredibly humbling and awe inspiring to be able to hear God’s voice telling you in advance of […]

Scripture Specific to the Three Compartments of Man

God created Man in His Image, and endowed him with the full capacity, natural and spiritual, to be changed from glory to glory – even into the Likeness of God.  But when Adam and Eve fell, God took away their privilege of fellowship with Him.  They were thus not able to approach and walk in […]

Consequences of the Fall

The consequences of the fall are severe and grievous: Man lost the privilege to fellowship with God – thus the chance to learn wisdom from Him.  Much of Man’s spiritual capacity in the spiritual life was shut down when the spirit of sonship was taken away.  This means that Man is not able to communicate […]

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