Is the USA Rome?

In The Coming Storm message, I shared that the US and the Western world today is the continuation of the Roman empire.  I shared that Daniel had interpreted the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar that foretold of what would happen when God’s Kingdom smashed this kingdom.  Today’s post is mostly to add a fascinating piece of […]

Obama beats Romney in 2012

This might seem hard to believe, but we feel more confident in predicting that Obama will beat Romney than we do in many of our other individual predictions in this series.  Before too much steam comes shooting out of your ears (if you’re a Romney fan), read the whole post for why we believe this […]

What Does the Vision of the Great Tree Being Cut to the Stump Have to do with Today?

We spoke yesterday about the specific revelation given to me about the Coming Economic Storm about to hit America.  You can receive a much more detailed economic description of it immediately by signing up for our free newsletter here. In this series, we’re looking at what is really happening – spiritually.  Today, let’s look at […]

The Coming Storm Daniel Revelation

I’ve sensed the Lord leading us to put on two events about the Coming Economic Storm – which you can get more information about through our newsletter here. I’ve felt His direction based primarily on three things.  The first is a growing sense from the Lord to financially prepare for very hard times.  Secondly, is […]

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