Christian Financial Planning: A Better Way?

What is Christian Financial Planning?  Is there a better way to steward resources than simply slapping a scripture on the same failed techniques the world uses?  It’s been almost 3 weeks since we started this series, so if you haven’t read the first two posts you should do so here:  1) Your Fruitful Tree Process […]

Your Fruitful Tree Process: What is it?

Your Fruitful Tree is a process designed to educate & equip you and your family to bring to fruit the true purpose & dreams of your family while protecting you from the treacherous headwinds & hurricanes of life. Towards this end, we use a five step process to help you determine the right steps to […]

Introduction to Your Fruitful Tree

We’ve been writing for the last month about the incredibly important time that we’re living in and the massive economic changes on our doorstep.  We’ve designed a program that is aimed to help our clients prepare for these changes.  We call it, Your Fruitful Tree.  We’ll spend the next few posts detailing the different areas […]

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