Sacrifice: Bearing the Image and Likeness of God

Continuing on the topic of image and likeness from previously, a sacrifice on the alter is not enough!  On Mt. Sinai God prescribed to Moses and through him, to all of his people Israel, in great detail exactly how to make sacrifices so that they could be a people of God and come close to […]

Why are We Facing Economic, Natural, & Geo-Political Crises?

Next Event: “How to be a Steady Investor in Turbulent Times” Tuesday, March 16th at 7:30pm (two weeks from today!) 700 E. 11th St, Austin, TX 78701 Sign up Here (This post is slightly different, but very similar to the most recent newsletter which we felt a broader audience should see.) My wife, Kara, asked […]

The Good News

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) I hope I haven’t frightened you with all these stories of doom and gloom.  I do believe that in the natural realm we will experience these things.  However, […]

Turning Toward God in Crises

For several days, we’ve talked about the economic storm that is coming to hit this country (and most of the world). We’ve covered some of the effects that this will have on the world and on the Body of Christ. The last thing we’ll talk about in this series is the effect it will have […]

The Coming Storm Daniel Revelation

I’ve sensed the Lord leading us to put on two events about the Coming Economic Storm – which you can get more information about through our newsletter here. I’ve felt His direction based primarily on three things.  The first is a growing sense from the Lord to financially prepare for very hard times.  Secondly, is […]

Mission Trip Israel – What I Learned

From this experience, I really had to learn to rest and trust in God.  I could do nothing – and everything was in His hands.  That is always the case in life, but too often I allow myself to think that I am the master of my own life, when in reality, it can all […]

It’s about the Heart: Pt 2 (Mt 15:1-28)

Matthew 15:1-28 Yesterday we began discussing Jesus’ concern for our hearts as seen in His three discussions in this chapter, and looked at the first of those.  Today, let’s look at the second two. 2.       Matt. 15:12-20 By focusing on Peter, if we can put ourselves in his shoes, perhaps we can see how slow […]

Walk by Faith – Pt 1 (Mt 14:13-36)

When we put trust in Jesus, what happens?  He will do miracles!  Yesterday, we looked at the two greatest prophets being cast out by God’s people.  Today and tomorrow we’ll look at Jesus’ two major miracles of Ch.14, and hopefully come to better understand how we can see more of the miraculous in our lives. […]

The 3 Levels of Tithing: Level 3

Finally (See Level 1 & Level 2), after giving out of duty, and then seeing the blessings of God that flow, you enter the final stage – which is the “Loving to Give” stage. You’re better for it, and you get to be a part of blessing others. Why wouldn’t you want to do more […]

Are you humble enough to follow God? (Mt 1:18-25)

Matthew 1:18-25 Joseph was given a difficult pill to swallow. His fiancé was pregnant. In those days this was incredibly embarrassing socially as well as repugnant personally to believe that the woman he loved had slept with another man. But the Lord spoke to Him in a dream and told him that he should put […]

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