3 Important Passovers Synchronized: A Sign?

Before God gave Man His holiday calendar, He gave us the days of the week.  Genesis 1-2 tells us how God created the Earth in six days and on the seventh, He rested.  And then of course, the pattern repeats and starts over with Sunday, the first day of the week.  Immediately after recounting the […]

We are passing over into a new season! Passover 2020

This Passover season is an extremely important one.  God often moves in waves and seasons and He’s been highlighting many ways in which He has passed a torch from one generation to the next.  We are in precisely this sort of season and this Passover/Firstfruits season is critically important in the timing of God.  If […]

Jesus is the Firstfruit of Life: Here’s How God said to Celebrate Him

Before paganism infiltrated the Church, Jesus’ resurrection was celebrated on the biblical holiday of Feast of Firstfruits.  The Lord has been teaching about the amazing Passover & Firstfruit season that we are coming into, but I felt that I had to define the holidays for those not familiar with them before jumping into that post.  […]

Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah): Feast of Trumpets

It is a new day in the Lord!  Yesterday was Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets (literally the Day of Shofar Blowing) which recently has been more commonly call Rosh Hashanah (or Head of the Year) since the new biblical year begins on this day.  I kind of prefer sticking to the biblical name […]

Charles Newbold books for $1

The Crucified Ones by Charles Newbold is the best book I’ve read describing (in an incredibly succinct way…it’s short, but very dense) what is happening as the Kingdom of God advances and where believers stand in it.  It was amazing to read much of what the Lord had taught me laid out so precisely.  And […]

Increase in Natural Disasters

We used to call Natural Disasters “Acts of God”, but I guess society didn’t like that term.  Man doesn’t want to think of God as being all powerful down to the tiniest details of life.  So today, we look at them all as happening by cosmic chance.  Or if you’re a anarchist, communist, believer in […]

Colorado Springs Fires a Sign?

Could the Lord have been showing us something as Colorado Springs caught fire?  Today, we’ll look into what it might possibly mean.   Yesterday, we posted a random factoid about Washington DC being built on the original site of Rome, Maryland.  Today, we’ll keep the randomness going by sharing an interesting observation.  It’s not particularly important […]

Is the USA Rome?

In The Coming Storm message, I shared that the US and the Western world today is the continuation of the Roman empire.  I shared that Daniel had interpreted the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar that foretold of what would happen when God’s Kingdom smashed this kingdom.  Today’s post is mostly to add a fascinating piece of […]

Warnings Abound in Economic Circles

Economic Warnings are everywhere if you follow the financial blogoshere.  Over the last few months, we’ve seen story after story of “insiders” who have decided to share startling information because they feel for the people who are about to be clobbered.  We don’t usually share alot of that sort of thing.  It’s all entirely inline […]

Rest in Peace Maaje!

My mother died 8 days ago.  Although she had been battling cancer for years, I didn’t believe she was close to dying.  Fortunately, the Lord was gracious and prompted me to go be with her for her last 20 hours in the flesh.  What follows is the eulogy I put together for her funeral which […]

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